Warrning! If you have a router, make PPPOE configuration only on the router.

To configure pppoe connection in Windows XP system you should:

1. Go to network connection settings: click STARTControl Panel. Then click Network connections

2. When displayed - get into the local connection properties

3. At the window of properties you need to disable TCP/IP internet protocol

4. Close properties and go back local connections. At the left menu click Create a new connection.

5. After the creator starts up mark particular options as you can see on the graphics below.

6. Write the name of the connection trying to avoid Polish signs.

7. Write your login and password gained from the Sloneczko.Net worker. In the next window mark an option Add on the desktop

8. After clicking on an icon you have just created at your desktop, you will see a connection window. You will start it by clicking Connect.

That's it - internet is working :-).

If you wish your connection started automatically after booting the system, you may read about it in this article.

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