Below you can see how to set up connections in TP-LINK router so that all settings are assigned automatically. It will be helpful in case of problems, eg with one DHCP server. Then we can easily send new configuration to the router.

At the beginning you should determine the router address in our internal network. Click Start - Run - type cmd:

In the opened DOS window, type ipconfig /all, which will show you the current configuration of our network card.

As a result of the command you will see settings for Internet access. Find there the default gateway and type it in any browser (as in the picture:

You will see the login window to the router. Please, look at the documentation supplied by us and find your password. Username is „admin”.

After logging in you will see the router's configuration page. Click there Network and then click WAN.

The open page set WAN CONNECTION TYPE on DYNAMIC IP and apply it by clicking save button.

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