WiFi networks are great but they are very unstable. The problem are - interference. They're „comming” from other WiFis, electro devices and environment. We will show you how to repair you home network.

In our example there are not many Wireless networks. In your neighborhood might be up to dozens WiFis. How to change the WiFi channel - you can find right here. In this manual we'll find the best possible channel. Lets get some helpfull stuff from the network. Download…

For Windows Mobile 7/8 we havent found optimal software. But you can check it by your own, perhabs we're wrong.

Install the app from GooglePlay Store, after instalation open the app.

At the first screen you'll se all of the 2,4GHz WiFi networks that are working in your neighborhood. Each parabola means separated WiFI. Find one with your WiFi SSID (name). We'll find channel for „Sloneczko_net_Biuro” network.

Slide twice left. And you'll see…

Tap on „Tap here to set your access point”. Find your network on the list and tap on it.

…the app will show infos about your WiFi. In our example Sloneczko_net_Biuro works on channge no.4. And it has only 2 stars. Wifi Analyzer suggest to set channels 1-3 or 14.

Now you have to log-in the router and set the WiFi channel up.

WARNING: Remember that the app is not infallible. Its possible that in your neighborhood interferances are not „visible”. Check the current WiFi channel. If its not enough good, check other one.

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