Warrning! If you have a router, make PPPOE configuration only on the router.

The description below uses a shortcut RC, which means Right Click.

In order to configurate PPPOE connection in Windows 7 please follow the instructions:

1. Click on the network connections icon at the clock and open Network and Sharing Center

2. In an open window click on Change interface card settings

3. Click RC on local connection and select Properties

4. In a Properties window turn off all fields marked in the figure below. Selection is confirmed by clicking OK and Yes

5. Close all of the properties windows and go back to Network and Sharing Center. Click on: Configure a new connection or a new network in the menu.

6. In the open window of the wizard, click on the Connect to the Internet. In some editions of Windows 7, this option is called a Set up a broadband connection.

7 In the next option choose an option: Broadband connection

8.We provide login information (login and password) received from the employee of Sloneczko.net.

9. And we are connected to the Internet

It is worth changing the time of reconnecting to the network. We enter the properties of our connection and set as below

If you want to run every connection automatically while booting the system you will read more about this in this article.

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