If you have a network device - such as a router, you can check your MAC address on the sticker at the bottom of your device. To get network connection check what are: LAN MAC and WAN MAC. All ISP needs the WAN MAC.

That was simple, but how to get your computer's MAC address?

Lets do this!

To start, press the „Windows button” on your keyboard and „R” button. Press both in the same time.

Then a new window will appear.

Please enter „cmd” command and click „OK” In a new black window (terminal) put new command ipconfig /all and press ENTER

Now you'll get the main network settings. Find there a line which contains: eth0, eth or ethernet. In our case it is „Ethernet adapter”

The lines below are important/:

  • Physical Address / MAC Address / Adres MAC - thats what are we looking for. This is the mysterious MAC address.
  • IPv4 Address / IP / IP Address / Adres IP - current network IP address
  • Default Gateway / Brama domyślna - as in description.

In our case MAC address is: 6C-62-7B-41-0E-7B

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